Body Type

Dressing For Your Body Type

My sense of style has changed many times throughout aviary-photo_131308175221706336the years and is often shaped by the different fashion trends that arise. With each change I have found different ways to dress for a variety of occasions while promoting my personal features that I admire. Deciphering how to dress for your specific body type can be difficult as each of us is shaped differently and our bodies are constantly changing over the years. It is common for body shapes to be compared to objects such as apples, pears, diamonds, and triangles. Though these metaphors are meant to be helpful they are more often confusing. Whenever I try to put myself into one of these object based categories I always have trouble deciding where I belong. Through personal experience I have discovered three key tips that can help women of all shapes and sizes find a style that best fits them, without confusing categories.

Don’t Worry About SizeAviary Photo_131310021877799008

The first thing you have to get over when you are shopping is size conflict. Size conflict is the internal struggle we all face when the clothes we like are nowhere near the size that fits us or the sizes we pick to try on don’t fit when we get in the dressing room. Whenever this happens to me it automatically puts a bad taste in my mouth and I lose enthusiasm for the shopping trip. An idea that I have had to come to terms with is that, no brand is made the same. I have five pairs of jeans that fit comfortably but each has a different size on the label. It is important for you to realize that the fit of the clothing matters more than the size on the label because the fit determines how it looks, size is just a number.

Accentuate your Narrowest Area

Draw attention to the areas that are most flattering. If your waist is thin, wear clothing or accessories that contour to that part of your body and draw attention to this feature. I like to wear tops that pull tighter around my waist and flow out around my hips because these features help to flatter all areas.

Camouflage Problem Area

If you are insecure about a certain area of your body you can use different clothing choices to cover it up. There are many flattering choices that can disguise problem areas and accentuate more favorable features. For example, if you are uncomfortable showing your arms try blouses with different sleeve lengths and styles or pair your short sleeve outfit with a sweater.  These features add an extra element to your outfit that allows you more comfort in what you are wearing while also adding some style to your wardrobe.


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