Comfort and Function

Combining Comfort and Function

I believe that the best outfits are ones that are comfortable, but still fit the occasion.For me, these outfits often include a dress. I grew up ardently opposed to wearing dresses because I thought they were the most inconvenient way to dress. Recently, I have been wearing dresses more often for my job, which is in fashion retail and requires me to dress business casual. I have found that wearing dresses is an easy way to get a professional look.

Many women dislike dresses because they feel more self-conscious, particularly when wearing a short flowy dress on a windy day. A trick to overcoming this obstacle is to wear a pair of shorts under your dress. When it’s colder outside I tend to pair my dresses with leggings but on warmer days I wear a pair tighter, often spandex, shorts under my dresses in order to give myself more security while moving throughout my day.

The benefit of dresses is that they can be styled to fit a variety of occasions. For example, you can put a blazer and a nice pair of flats or heels with a casual dress and make it appropriate for a business casual function. This same dress can be worn with a sweater and a pair of boots for more comfortable day-to-day tasks. The ability to style dresses up or down to fit the occasion makes them convenient for days where you need an outfit to fit a variety of occasions. I wear dresses on the days that I have both school and work because I can change one or two elements of the outfit and make it appropriate for either occasion without having to take time to style a completely new outfit.

Even if the thought of wearing a dress makes you cringe, go out and find a few that will help you build a comfortable and convenient wardrobe. Once you get used to wearing dresses a few time a week you might come to prefer them, like I do.


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