Style on a Budget

Style on a Budget

It can be difficult to keep up with trends and build style when you are on a budget. I have always enjoyed shopping, after coming to college it became more difficult to fund these shopping sprees, but I didn’t let that stop me. While trying to keep up with my shopping addiction, I have found some tricks to help save money and still get good quality items.

The first thing I do whenever I am out shopping is look in the sale or clearance sections. Most of the time these items are marked down by at least a quarter of their regular price, but are still in season. This is a good way to shop more expensive brands, such as Banana Republic or Gap, because they often have promotions on top of their sale items that will give you an additional percentage off. I try to avoid buying anything full price because, odds are, it will be marked down eventually and even if it isn’t I would rather buy two or three clearance items than one full price item.Aviary Photo_131341922877548710

Another method to shop on a budget is to find a local thrift store. Thrift stores can often be hit or miss, but when you find a good one it is easy to get quality items for really good prices. I love thrift shopping because you can always find something unique. When you find a good spot it is easy to find brand name items that are also good quality. As thrift shops have become more popular chain stores have emerged such as Plato’s Closet and Clothes Mentor. These places can be slightly more expensive, but you can also sell your old or outgrown clothes and use the money towards something newer. Using these tips can help you add new items to your wardrobe even on a tight budget.


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