Versatile Closet

Tips and Tricks to a Versatile Closet

For many, the most difficult element of style is making different pieces go together. A common misconception is that you can only wear certain items with one another, but this is far from true. Working in retail, I often see women come in and spend large amounts of money on things that they probably already have at home. For example, just because you are buying a blouse that would go great with a pair of grey slacks does not mean that the slacks you already own will not work just as well. Personally, I rarely buy an entire outfit at one time but buy pieces that I think will go well with a combination of things I already have. This method of shopping will do wonders for your wallet while also helping you to have a full and versatile closet.  

Aviary Photo_131378054150239483
Photo by Bernard Spragg. NZ

It is also important to understand that it’s completely okay to make a return if you don’t like what you bought or it doesn’t work the way you wanted. This was the biggest obstacle I faced when beginning to make my own purchases because I was to shy to go back into a store to make a return. Working in retail has helped me get over this apprehension towards returning items because I see how common of a practice it really is. Many women whom I have met will make a large purchase of items they like and then try them on at home, simply because they don’t feel like trying them on in the store. Though this practice does not appeal to me personally, if you are a frequent shopper at a particular store it can be beneficial to take advantage of their return policy.   

Aviary Photo_131378060196528985
Photo by Terry KR Wong

A maximized wardrobe is best when you have a variety of items that can be mixed and matched for the outfit that best fits the day. Having an idea of the items already in your closet whenever you go shopping can help you piece together a great combination of outfits with the things you already have. It is also important to be mindful of what you like to wear and which items within your closet are worn most often. Keeping this in mind will help you stay on the lookout for similar garments to add to or replace others in your wardrobe. Through doing these things you will be able to keep a versatile wardrobe that is up to date and speaks to your sense of style.


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