Organize with an App

Organizing my closet is always a momentous task because I try to go through all of my clothes and determine what to keep and what to give away. From that point I sort everything based on style (i.e. long sleeves, short sleeves, tank top, ect.) to decide what new items I need. I recently discovered a few apps that will do this organization for me. There are two free apps that I found and both work off similar models so I decided to try them out and let you know which one worked best for me.

Photo by m01229 on flickr

Each app is set up to allow users to take pictures of the items in their wardrobe and categorize them. They then offer different ways for you to place the items in your virtual closet.

Closet Love

Closet love is set up with eight differentFullSizeRender (4) categories and a majority of these sections offer subcategory for further organization. These categories include; style me, outfit, random styler, favorites, calendar, holiday packing, laundry, and measurements. I enjoy the variety of features within this app, however there are a large number of features that are limiting because they require in app purchases in order to use them and each is $3.99. 


Glamoutfit is set up with five mainFullSizeRender (3) icons along the bottom of the page that help you navigate through the different elements. These icons include; home, my closet, style me, my outfits, and more. Unlike Closet Love, Glamoutfits allows you to shop through their app but, the clothes run one size small and they only offer small, medium, and large. They also offer a communal board on the home page where you can request to be styled by different app users. Unfortunately, if you want to use the calendar feature of this app it is $9.99 per month but the app will style an outfit for you each day.

I found the Closet Love app to be the most user-friendly because it provides you with a variety of organization options. Although some of the options require purchase for use, there are still many that they provide for free and there are ways to work around the purchasing aspect. Also, Closet Love provides a better design for the flow of the app which makes it more enjoyable to use overall.


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